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Favourite YouTube Channels

In this blog I have listed some of my favourite YouTuber’s from categories which include Make Up, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel.

My all-time favourite YouTuber out of all of the channels below is Imogen Hudson, also known as Imogenation which is her channel name. This channel is my favourite as I love how it includes a variety of content from clothing hauls, makeup looks, story times, vlogs from her travels/events and more. Imogen has probably also had an influence on me to start my blog as I love how honest and open she is and she often talks about others asking her about starting their own YouTube channels etc which has helped. She always says in her videos, if you want to do something then just go for it and you shouldn’t care about anyone else’s opinions towards it as they don’t matter – this advice helped me when starting my blog and is also fab piece of advice to live by!!

Jeffree Star and Holly Boon are great YouTube channels to go to for make-up reviews as their opinions are 100% honest, so if you want to buy a product but aren’t yet sure,  definitely check if either of these have reviewed it beforehand for a truthful and straightforward review!

The three travel YouTube channels I have mentioned are all great in their own way,  and include different content from tips and hacks to travelling, recommended destinations, suggested things to do in the locations, where to eat and more!

Make Up

Fashion & Lifestyle


Does anyone else regularly watch any of these YouTuber’s? If  anyone has any suggestions for any similar YouTubers let me know as I’d love look into their channels!