Top 5 Places I’d Love To Explore!


Tokyo is a place that fascinates me as it seems a world away from anything here in the UK. Shibuya Center-Gai seems like the perfect place to explore their offerings of shops which is something I’d love to do whilst in Tokyo. Another part of Tokyo which interests me is OK Yokocho which is an alleyway full of small bars and restaurants which comes alive at night.


Iceland is probably holds the #1 spot on my travel bucket list. I’d love nothing more than to see the Northern Lights in Iceland, it’s a must. I’d also love to experience the Blue Lagoon as it’s a rare opportunity.


Havana looks like an absolute dream to explore from their streets filled with old American classic cars to Malecón, a 5-mile-long coastal drive which features 1900’s architecture with vibrant colours. Not to forget Havana is the perfect location for Instagram worthy pics!


I’d love to visit Krakow as it’s completely different from others on this list, mainly for the fact I would like to go to Krakow to visit Auschwitz as I feel this would be an eye opening and interesting experience that everyone should do. I would also visit the Market Square in Krakow as it is part of the towns history which also has a hi-tech underground museum; Rynek Underground, all about Krakow.


Miami is a location I’ve always wanted to visit, if I got the chance I would like to visit the famous South Beach as it’s the place most commonly linked with Miami itself. I’d also love to look around The Everglades National Park as I love animals and there is plenty of wildlife to see there from Florida panthers to allogators.

If anyone has visited any of these locations would you recommend any other places to go whilst there?

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