City Break – Berlin

As it’s summer, I’m reminiscing on my holidays from last summer.                               Last August I travelled to Berlin with my boyfriend on a city break, so this post will be an overview of what we did in Berlin, where we stayed and where we ate!

Getting To Berlin

When we arrived at Berlin Schoenefeld Airport, we bought the Berlin Welcome Cards from the Berlin Tourist Info Centre which were €35.50for 7 days and use of zones ABC on the underground. The Berlin Welcome Card was really useful as it also came with a map of Berlin, a map of the Berlin underground and a book which had information on all the different attractions, landmarks, museums, eateries and discounts inside!

Where We Stayed

Our hotel was about a 2 minute walk from the Spittelmarkt underground which was handy. We stayed in the TITANIC Comfort Hotel Berlin Mitte which was a nice hotel, it had everything we needed and breakfast was included.

What We Did

On day one of Berlin we went to Brandenburg Gate in the morning.In the afternoon we went to The Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower), I can’t remember how much this was as it doesn’t say on the ticket but we got 25% off the price with our Berlin Welcome Cards.

We went to Berlin Zoo on the second day, this is definitely the best zoo I have ever been to as the animals seem so much closer to you and more open than most other zoos I have been to. There was also a petting area where you could feed and stroke the goats which was the highlight of day for me! We also got to see the Panda’swhich we loved! The tickets were  €17.20 each, I’m not sure if we got discount on the original price with the welcome card or if this was the original price anyway.

Walking around Berlin we came across a car pop up store which included Mercedes, Bentley’s, Lamborghini’s and others which was free entry and had other activities to do inside so this was an interesting event which we came across.Finally, we went shopping around the Berlin Mall, Alexanderplatz and other little places in between!


Where We Ate

We didn’t really eat anything different in Berlin.On the first night we had a takeaway Pizza Hut from The Berlin Mall.The next day we got a pizza from Ditsch bakery which was located in one of the Underground stations. That evening we went to Hard Rock Café Berlin, there was a discount voucher for a free drink/dessert inside the welcome card booklet but we completely forgot about.. because who would intentionally miss out on a free dessert?

On the last day we went to Dunkin Donuts which was inside Alexanderplatz station, I was amazed as I only thought these were a thing in America.. how wrong was I! As we went to The Berlin Mall most days during our city break, I kept seeing this ice cream stand which looked incredible so on the last day we got Mango Sorbets from here which were very nice!

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely loved Berlin and I hope to go back one day as there’s so much more to see.     I loved the underground stations in Berlin as they were so useful, bakeries, shops, gift shops, stalls etc filled each underground which gave you even more to do whilst there and was so handy to get a snack or drink on the go! Berlin is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit.

Has anyone else visited Berlin and have other recommendations of different activities to do or different things to see?

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